3 Timeless Suits to Keep Forever in Style

3 Timeless Suits to Keep Forever in Style - VJV Now

Fashion is fickle, and trends come and go. However, there are certain garments, certain styles, and aesthetics that never go out of fashion. Classic designs transcend time and always look good, regardless of the era. You can look back at photos of yourself wearing timeless styles without apprehension and reason to cringe. Even better, you can keep the clothing and wear them forever.



When it comes to men’s fashion, you can never go wrong with a timeless, classic suit. Sure, these days, men’s suits come in various colors, patterns, and fabrics. It’s great to experiment, to have fun with fashion and take risks. However, there are occasions that call for timeless styles and also events when you simply want to go for the tried and true.

Every man needs timeless suits that they can keep forever. Even better, in the years to come, you’ll be able to maximize the use of these suits and make the most of your purchase. Here are the three timeless suits that every closet needs:



#1 Men's Grey Suit

Of course, every man has to have a black suit. That almost goes without saying. However, The Gray Suit is a perfect alternative to the standard black and a color that you can reuse and rewear for years to come. It arguably has more character than the plain old black suit ensemble. A dark grey or charcoal grey suit can seamlessly fit into your wardrobe. You can mix and match it with different colored dress shirts, neckties, and pocket squares. Even better, as the years go by and your style evolves, the timeless grey suit will continue to serve you well.

Unique Light Grey Color Men's Single Breasted Designer Suit - VJV Now


#2 Men's Blue Suit

A blue suit is another timeless piece that you should have in your closet. Choose a navy or dark blue suit that can take you from day to night, season after season, year after year. The great thing about a blue suit is that it can work with either black shoes and a black belt or even brown shoes and a brown belt. It’s appropriate for a multitude of occasions without looking too stiff or uptight. It’s both classic and stylish.


#3 Checked Suit

You may not automatically consider it, but a checked suit is another classic style that you can keep and wear forever. Opt for timeless patterns like the Prince of Wales or windowpane checks. These patterns are refined and subtle, making them perfect for both serious business meetings and stylish social events. As proven by all the famous leading men and world leaders who’ve donned these suits in decades past up to today, you just can’t go wrong with them.



When it comes to these timeless suits, it’s extra important to not only purchase one of good quality, but one that fits you perfectly. In this digital era, photos last forever. You want a suit that will look good and fit well in perpetuity.