About VJV Group About VJV Group of Companies VJV Group is a broader umbrella overlooking a cluster of companies operational in various sectors, including jewelry, diamonds, high value textiles, and construction etc etc. Each of the individual business entities under the VJV Group share a common set of business values and philosophy, which has enabled the VJV Group to succeed in virtually every field it has endeavored in.Today, VJV Group comprises of nine business holdings serving a premium clientele in India’s major megacities.

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VJV DIAMONDS - Wonderful World Of Diamonds...!!!

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VJV JEWELS - Wonderful World Of Jewelry...!!!

VJV TEXTILES - Wonderful World Of Textiles...!!!

VJV FASHIONS - Wonderful World Of Fashions...!!!

VJV BUILDERS - We Build Your Dreams...!!!

VJV WEBSOLUTIONS - We Know Your Thoughts...!!!

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