31 Captions for Instagram post for Traditional wear : 2022

31 Captions for Instagram post for Traditional wear : 2022 - VJV Now

Heyy! In the era of Fashion and Social media, everysuratis  like to upload Photos and Videos on Instagram. But to show your style on Instagram, Uploading a beautiful photo is not enough, you also need the best caption. We are here for providing you best caption for Instagram post. Check the best caption below and pick the one that match your style.

Ethnic Outfit Captions for Instagram.

Just add a little caption show people how you style your ethnic wear, kurtas, Sherwani.  These ethnic outfit captions will go your pics. From farewell to weddings, I have made some quotes for every type of outfit and occasion.

  1. Wearing a sherwani is like wearing the history of our country.

  2. Kurtas are truly a good choice if you want to look Traditional.

  3. Indian fashion is just a result of something that’s within us all.

  4. Newer underestimates the Indian fashion!

  5. Sometimes Indian ethnic look far better than other.

  6. Its Indian guy having the best look with Sherwani.

  7. Kurta gives actually a charming look!

  8. Wearing a kurta makes you seem stylish without even trying…

  9. T-shirts are what we wear. Kurtas are what we are.

  10. Kurtas are, well, like your average t-shirts. When it’s something really, really special, it’s time for a sherwani!

  11. Sometimes Sherwani over cross the suit look.

  12. Being a proud Indian never goes out of fashion


Jodhpuri in surat

Funny Captions for Traditional Outfit for Instagram.

Funny guy like you always brings a smile on others’ face. But you also need a funny caption to make people laugh and let them put a like on your pic. So I have given you some funny caption below, choose one from below and type it on your post.

  1. I’m going to office dressed like this from now on. People will kneel before their new king.

  2. It’s a raven. It’s a king. No, it’s <Rohit> in a sherwani!

  3. A good sherwani is like a woman. It’s delicate, intricate, warm and when you find a beautiful one, you really hope it fits you well.

  4. Who decided sherwanis should be heavy-ass and thicc in the hot Indian weather? But they also make me look sizzling so that’s okay I guess.

  5. It's VJV… now available in sherwani and kurta, too!

  6. If Mughal kings had Instagram, they’d stop ruling and keep taking selfies all day, ‘cause these things look so frackin’ good!

  7. Meet my clothes- sek and see. When you put ‘em together, they are sexy!

  8. They say you can tell a lot about a person by looking at his shoes. Well, what can I say, I’m just a charismatic king today!

  9. They say dress for the job you want. I wanna be a dictator.

  10. Men don’t dress to impress women. They dress to impress other men. If you can’t be better than the competition, just dress better.


Jodhpuri blazer in surat


Attitude Captions for Traditional

Want your ethnic wear selfie to show off your attitude? Then post it with a cool caption for traditional wear! Well, our ethnic ensembles kinda have their own desi attitude, don’t they! But every photo becomes better with a good one-liner. Just copy and paste one of these quotes.


  1. Bollywood hero vibes…

  2. Girls, please send your proposals in the comments. Thank you!

  3. Go bold or go home.

  4. Thank you to the many girls who asked me out today (not shown in the picture), but I’m enjoying being single for now.

  5. I’m wondering what I spent 20 grand for: this sherwani that I’ll wear only once, or this picture you’ll stare at everyday! Please like so I get my money’s worth!

  6. I may not be the perfect boyfriend, but at least I look bomb in a sherwani.

  7. Now I know why we got suits from the British but they never got sherwanis and kurtas from us… It’s because it takes an Indian to pull ’em off!

  8. Keeping our Indian traditions alive… One kurta at a time

  9. Having some richness in Our Traditionals .