Double Breasted Suits vs Single-Breasted Suits: What's the Difference?

Double Breasted Suits vs Single-Breasted Suits: What's the Difference? - VJV Now

Which ones are better: double breasted suits vs single breasted suits? This old debate starts all over again every time a designer launches his/her new collection of suits. The single breasted suit jackets are sleek, modern and stylish, whereas the double breasted ones are classic, vintage and elegant. People wear what they like and there is no certain rule regarding this, but let’s look into the details which make these two different from each other.



What Does Double-Breasted Suit Mean?


The double-breasted suit jacket is different from single breasted suit jacket in many ways, which are discussed below:

  • Modern double-breasted jackets are narrow at the waist and are usually longer than the single-breasted. The single breasted jackets have a slimming down too.
  • Double breasted jackets focus more attention at the top while single breasted jackets allow an even expansion of attention at all points.
  • Double breasted suits come with many buttons (4-6 usually) while the single breasted suits have 2 button fastenings usually.



Why Double-Breasted Suits?

Double breasted suits have been around for decades and have a certain vintage vibe. They look classy and are now coming in sharper styles. They accentuate your physique in a way that you appear taller and with broader shoulders. The sharp cuts and sleek tailoring has made them much more prominent nowadays.


How many Jacket Buttons? 2, 4 or 6 Buttons?

We are going to make it really easy for you to decide:

  • 2 buttons: this is a risky choice. Maybe you have seen some celebrities wearing it. Choose it if you have it really clear that this is the option you want.
  • 4 buttons: standard choice. No mistake possible with this one. The classic double-breasted jacket.
  • 6 buttons: the bold option. Also standard as 4 buttons jacket but it will let your buttons choice stand out. Especially if you choose brass buttons.

How to Wear Double-Breasted Suits this Season?

Double-breasted jackets are a raging fashion nowadays, so you should try them even if you usually prefer single breasted suits. There are some points  that you should consider if you want to wear such a suit:

  • Go for tailoring:
    The more tailored the suit, the sharper and more polished you will look. Proper tailoring will help you look stylish and well-groomed. It will fit your build well and you will look more elegant.
  • Fasten only one button:
    Make sure that you close only one button when you are not sitting, because it will be more comfortable. If your suit has 6 buttons, fasten the middle one; but if there are 4 buttons in it, fasten the first one.
  • Pair back your double-breasted suit:
    A double-breasted jacket has the potential of making your suit stylish to the maximum. So, you do not need to add more details to make it more prominent. Pair it up with a plain shirt and keep the rest of the things simple as well. Check put this green double-breated suit if you are look for inspiration.
  • Choose dress shoes that stand out: You have the chance to risk a little bit more with your dress shoes. So design your own derby shoes, for example.

Pros of Double Breasted Suits

  • Offers a structured, authoritative look
  • Ideal for formal occasions
  • Timeless and classic style



The Best Double-Breasted Suit Styles this Season:

Here are some of the best double-breasted suit ideas for you.

The double-breasted jackets are in fashion now, so go ahead and try these this season! Watch this video to see our double-breasted suit in an everyday work life!


Understanding Single-Breasted Suits

Definition and Characteristics

A single-breasted suit features a jacket with a single column of buttons and a more streamlined design. This style is characterized by its simplicity and versatility, making it a staple in many wardrobes.

Styling Options

Single-breasted suits offer endless styling possibilities. They can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Pair them with different shirt and tie combinations, or add a waistcoat for an extra layer of sophistication. Their adaptability makes them suitable for both formal and casual settings.

When to Wear a Single-Breasted Suit

Single-breasted suits are appropriate for a wide range of occasions, from business meetings and job interviews to casual dinners and social events. Their versatile nature allows for seamless transitions between different environments, making them a reliable choice for any wardrobe.


Fabulous Maroon Color Men's Double Breasted Designer Suit - VJV Now


How to Choose Between Double Breasted and Single-Breasted Suits

Occasion and Dress Code

Consider the formality of the event and the dress code. Double-breasted suits are perfect for high-profile, formal occasions, while single-breasted suits offer more flexibility for both formal and casual settings.

Personal Style Preference

Your personal style plays a crucial role in the decision. If you prefer a bold, classic look, a double-breasted suit might be the right choice. For those who value versatility and a modern aesthetic, a single-breasted suit could be more suitable.

Body Shape and Fit

Select a suit that complements your body shape. Double-breasted suits work well for taller individuals, while single-breasted suits are universally flattering. Ensure proper tailoring for the best fit and comfort.


Styling Tips for Double Breasted and Single-Breasted Suits

  • Double Breasted Suits: Pair with wide lapels, a tie, and pocket square for a sophisticated look. Opt for tailored fits to avoid bulkiness.
  • Single-Breasted Suits: Experiment with different lapel styles and accessories. Layer with a waistcoat for added elegance.


Majestic Teal Blue Color Men's Double Breasted Designer Suit - VJV Now



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1. What is a double-breasted suit?

A double-breasted suit features a jacket with overlapping front flaps and two parallel columns of buttons.

2. What is a single-breasted suit?

A single-breasted suit has a single column of buttons and a more streamlined, less overlapping design.

3. Which suit style is more formal?

Double-breasted suits are generally considered more formal due to their structured and authoritative appearance.

4. Can I wear a double-breasted suit for a casual event?

Yes, modern double-breasted suits can be styled for casual events, especially when paired with less formal accessories.

5. Are single-breasted suits more versatile?

Yes, single-breasted suits are highly versatile and can be dressed up or down for various occasions.

6. What body type suits a double-breasted suit?

Double-breasted suits are ideal for taller individuals as they can make one appear broader and more proportionate.

7. What body type suits a single-breasted suit?

Single-breasted suits are universally flattering and can complement most body types when tailored correctly.

8. How many buttons does a double-breasted suit typically have?

Double-breasted suits usually have 4 to 6 buttons, with 6 being the most traditional.

9. How many buttons does a single-breasted suit typically have?

Single-breasted suits commonly have 2 buttons, but 1 or 3-button options are also available.

10. How should I fasten a double-breasted suit?

Fasten only one button, typically the middle one if there are six buttons, or the top one if there are four buttons.

11. Can double-breasted suits be tailored to fit modern trends?

Yes, modern tailoring techniques can make double-breasted suits appear more contemporary and stylish.

12. What lapel style is best for a double-breasted suit?

Wide lapels complement the structured look of a double-breasted suit, enhancing its formal appeal.

13. Can single-breasted suits have wide lapels?

Yes, single-breasted suits can have wide lapels, which add a touch of sophistication and style.

14. Is it appropriate to wear a waistcoat with a single-breasted suit?

Yes, adding a waistcoat to a single-breasted suit can elevate its elegance and formality.

15. What occasions are best suited for double-breasted suits?

Double-breasted suits are ideal for formal events, such as weddings, business meetings, and black-tie events.

16. What occasions are best suited for single-breasted suits?

Single-breasted suits are suitable for a wide range of occasions, from business meetings to casual dinners and social events.

17. How do I choose between a double-breasted and single-breasted suit?

Consider the formality of the event, your personal style, and your body shape when choosing between the two styles.

18. Are double-breasted suits in fashion?

Yes, double-breasted suits have made a comeback in fashion, especially with modern, sharper cuts.

19. How do I ensure a perfect fit for my suit?

Proper tailoring is key. Ensure your suit is well-fitted to your body shape for the best look and comfort.

20. Can I mix and match double-breasted and single-breasted pieces?

It’s best to keep the styles separate for a cohesive look, but fashion rules are flexible, and creative styling can sometimes make mixing work.