Men's Blue Suit: The Complete Style Guide

Men's Blue Suit: The Complete Style Guide - VJV Now

Looking to elevate your style with a blue suit? Our comprehensive guide covers everything from navy and royal blue suits to light and gray blue suits, ensuring you make a sophisticated statement at any occasion.

Effortlessly Slay With The Color Blue

The blue color is a timeless color that brings delight, according to John Ruskin. The color blue symbolizes a strong belief, faith, and responsibility. It exudes an atmosphere of peace, tranquility, confidence, and smartness. Blue comes with a level of calmness, trust, and coordination. All these qualities are reasons a blue suit for men will stand out anytime. 

In the business world, blue represents trustworthiness, dependability, and commitment. Numerous corporate entities incorporate various shades of blue into their logos, signifying these values. However, it is imperative to exercise moderation when donning the color, avoiding any unintended whimsical or indifferent appearances.

Moreover, knowing how to wear your blue suit colors with different shades of blue and other colors is essential to avoid messing with your outfit. What color of shoes or shirt will work with a blue suit? These are wardrobe styling essentials that will help you wear your attire better.

Navy Blue Suit

The navy blue suit is a versatile men's staple perfect for different suits from weddings, offices, business meetings, and everywhere else. It is slightly less strict than the conventional black suit but more lively than the gray suit. A navy color suit has always exuded sophisticated charm when worn for any occasion. Among many sartorial choices, the navy blue suit is one of the most flexible, versatile, and easy to access. When it comes to distinguishing between shades of blue, understanding the difference between dark blue vs navy blue is crucial for anyone exploring the world of colors. Dark blue suits are characterized by their deep and rich hue, often resembling the color of a moonlit night. On the other hand, navy blue suits offer a slightly darker and more subdued shade of blue.

Among the types of blue suits, the two-piece navy suit is one of the earliest smart color choices popular in the late 19th century. Its timeless charm persists as many gentlemen continue to adopt the navy blue suit style. In the Victorian era, characterized by its distinct fashion, men's navy blue blazers became a fundamental wardrobe item, suitable for a range of formal and informal occasions.Today, the all navy suit remains a symbol of sophistication and versatility, an iconic choice for those seeking an effortlessly classic and refined look.

For a formal meeting, men's navy blue suit can be paired with a crisply tailored Oxford shirt and polished leather Derby shoes. Should the need arise to dial back the formality, or if a business-casual setting is in play, the navy suit jacket can be combined with chinos or khaki pants to achieve a more relaxed appearance.

Royal Blue Suit

The royal blue shade is slightly lighter than the light blue suit, yet it possesses an enchanting depth that sets it apart. Royal Blue Suit strikes a perfect balance between vibrancy and elegance, making it an ideal choice for various occasions. It carries a sense of modernity while retaining a classic charm, allowing you to seamlessly transition from formal affairs to semi-casual gatherings.

Whether you're making a statement at a formal event or aiming to elevate your everyday style, the royal blue suit delivers a powerful impact. The versatility of the royal blue suit is undeniable, allowing you to pair it with a crisp white shirt and a bold tie for a commanding presence, or to embrace a more relaxed look with a patterned shirt and loafers.

Light Blue Suit

In the enchanting array of blues, the light blue suit emerges as a breath of fresh air, radiating an aura of sophistication with its delicate hue. This shade captures the essence of serenity and pairs remarkably well with both formal and casual occasions. Whether you're aiming to exude an air of relaxed elegance at a daytime event or to stand out subtly in the evening, the light blue suit effortlessly adapts to your style needs. Its versatility allows you to experiment with various shirt and tie combinations, making it a timeless addition to any fashion aficionado's repertoire.

Mid Blue Suit

The mid blue suit gracefully strikes the balance between casual comfort and refined style, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe. With its moderate hue, this shade of blue captures a sense of approachable sophistication that's equally suited for both professional and social settings. The mid blue suit effortlessly transitions from day to night, adapting seamlessly to diverse occasions. Its inherently relaxed charm allows for creative pairings with a range of accessories, from vibrant ties to classic pocket squares. Whether stepping into the office or stepping out for a casual event, the mid blue suits embodies a timeless yet contemporary elegance that speaks volumes about the wearer's confidence and taste.

Gray Blue Suit

The gray blue suits seamlessly captures the essence of understated sophistication, effortlessly straddling the line between classic and contemporary. blue grey suit offers a contemporary twist on traditional suiting, blending the timeless elegance of navy with a subtle touch of modern sophistication. This unique shade merges the timeless charm of gray with a subtle infusion of blue, resulting in a hue that's both refined and refreshing. The grey blue suit serves as a versatile canvas for a range of occasions, offering a subdued elegance that transitions seamlessly from business settings to social gatherings. Its adaptable nature allows it to complement a variety of shirt and tie combinations, making a light blue grey suit a go-to choice for those seeking a sophisticated yet approachable ensemble. Whether in a formal boardroom or a celebratory event, the gray-blue suit stands as a testament to the nuanced artistry of modern menswear.

Blue Suits Accessories 

Blue suit colors blend well with a variety of accessories. If you are going with any shades of blue suit, whether navy suit, dark navy suit, light blue suit, etc., your dress code and accessories should match effortlessly. Here is a general combination of blue suit clothing and the colors of shirts, ties, and shoes that will fit them. 


Blue suit colors are flexible and can be paired with shades of Tie. However, there are simple styling inspirations that will help you slay better. For example, if you are wearing a black and blue suit, it will be best to pair it with solid or neutral colors like navy or black. Here are various tie shades combo you can try with blue suit colors.

  • Grey Tie: For the trendy and smart style
  • Red Tie: dark blue suit best combo
  • Grey Tie: Gives off the vibe of a peculiar personality
  • Black Tie: traditional and safe style
  • Burgundy Tie: Dynamic and spontaneous combo

Blue Suit Shirts Combo

Apart from wearing a white shirt, you might want to throw in some other shades to pair with your blue suit. Colors like a light blue or light pink shirt can add life to your outfit. For darker shades of blue, like dark navy blue, a black or dark gray shirt will pair well with your outfit. Blue suit grey shirt is a timeless pairing that radiates confidence and sophistication, making it the perfect choice for any formal event. Here are shades of shirts that will work as a perfect combo.

  • White Shirt: Wear a white shirt, preferably a cotton shirt, for added breathability
  • Blue Shirt: Lighter shades of blue, like light blue, will best be paired with a dark blue suit
  • Pink Shirt: A light pink shirt will match well with a dark blue suit
  • Black Shirt: Black shirts with a blue suit is perfect for informal settings


The best way to wear your footwear with your blue suit is to match darker shades of blue with darker shoes. Whether you are wearing a light navy blue suit, dark navy suit, royal blue, etc., we recommend you wear black or brown shoes. blue suit with brown shoes epitomizes sartorial elegance, effortlessly merging traditional refinement with contemporary style.The choice of your footwear can vary depending on whether you're dressing for a formal or semi-formal occasion. Options for suitable shoes include oxfords, loafers, brogues, and monk straps.

Turn Up to Be Mr. Sophisticated with a New Blue Suit

All blue suits will always make a statement and complement your style wherever you go. Whether you want a made-to-measure navy suit or an off-the-rack suit, you can get one that suits your body size. If you already have a mens blue suit, adding a different shade to your navy blue suit collection would also be great.Consider adding a fancy blue suit to your collection for those special occasions when you want to stand out and make a memorable statement with your style. Unarguably one of the finest staples in a gentleman's wardrobe, blue hues add suave, class, and sophisticated style to your outlook.


Q: What shirt colors work best with a navy blue suit?

A: White, light blue, light pink, and black shirts are excellent choices.

Q: Can I wear brown shoes with a blue suit?

A: Yes, brown shoes, especially darker shades, pair well with blue suits.

Q: What occasions are suitable for a royal blue suit?

A: Royal blue suits are ideal for formal events and semi-casual gatherings.