Style Guide: Suit Jacket Vs Blazer Vs Sports Coat

Style Guide: Suit Jacket Vs Blazer Vs Sports Coat - VJV Now

Ever wondered about the different types of men's jackets? You’ve got suit jackets, sports jackets, blazers—you name it. These men's jackets have quite a few names, and trying to figure out the real differences between all these garments can get pretty confusing. Interestingly, a lot of people think suit jackets and blazers are pretty much the same thing. It's surprising to learn they're not! In this comprehensive style guide, we’ll break down the clear distinctions between suit jackets, sports coats, and blazers so you know what to wear for any occasion.

You might have heard that suit jackets belong to a complete suit, while blazers can be paired with other trousers. But what about sports coats? When should you opt for a suit jacket, sports coat, or blazer? Each comes with its own level of formality and occasion-appropriateness. In this article, we'll break down the clear distinctions between these three, suit jacket, sports coat, and blazer, so you know what to wear for any occasion.

Suit jackets 

What is a Suit Jacket

The suit jacket is a men's outerwear popular amongst many people. While the suit jacket is a single piece of clothing, its complete look consists of the jacket, pants, and vest. This has been the format, but nowadays, you can ditch formal pants and wear casual clothes like chinos, jeans, or khaki with a suit jacket. 

It is a formal outfit that you should wear with a matching shirt and pants to maintain the formal tone. Suit jackets come in two specifications, the single-breasted suit jacket with two or three buttons and the double-breasted suit with four or six buttons. 

When comparing a suit jacket vs blazer, jackets have a more snug fit than blazers as outerwear. A suit jacket is an integral part of a formal suit, designed to be worn exclusively with matching trousers, creating a cohesive and polished look. On the other hand, a blazer is a more versatile piece, meant to be worn as a standalone jacket with different types of trousers, allowing for a more relaxed yet sophisticated appearance. So, the primary difference between suit jacket and blazer is their level of formality and the degree of flexibility in pairing them with other clothing items.

How to Style and Wear a Suit Jacket

Among the outerwear for men, the suit jacket is the most formal. When you look at the structured outline of the shoulder, suit jackets are the perfect attire that fits formal settings. A pair of suit jackets with corresponding pants is the ideal outfit if you are going for a formal occasion such as a business meeting. 

Though used in formal settings, If you want to wear a suit jacket to a less formal event, you can wear pants of a contrasting color. Remember that you don't wear suit jackets alone. You should wear them in a suit. So, the shirt and vest must be of the same stuff as the jacket. 

Suit jackets are slim fit, so you should have a vest under them and not something scruffy or bogus. If you don't want to put on a vest, you can style the jacket with a sweater, but it must be made of a light fabric.

What is a Blazer

A blazer is a jacket worn in modern society, a fashion statement that started in the 50s. At the time when black coats were the predominant outerwear men were permitted to wear, the British upper class came up with the idea of blazer jacket to create their own unique and different styles. 

So, what is a blazer? It is a single jacket worn on its own with pants to go with it. You can find single-breasted or double-breasted blazers, usually with pockets on either side. The buttons can be visible on the sleeves where you can put the cufflinks or hidden near the front bottom of the cloth. Blazers are classic and dressy attire that can be worn to both formal events and casual activities. While there are no specific colors a blazer can be made with, most of them come in mostly colors like black, gray, and blue.

Blazer Style


How to Style and Wear a Blazer

Styling blazers to give the dashing look you want is easy. All you need is to know how to. Blazers should fit your body, but they should not be as fitted as a suit jacket or as baggy as a sports jacket. This is important to note because while you want something stylish, you also want it comfortable. 

A blazer is an attire many wear when they want a more casual yet sophisticated look. One of the ways to style a blazer is to wear a shirt such as a classic dress shirt, a casual button-up shirt, or even a t-shirt, depending on the occasion and your personal style.

What is a Sports Coat

A sports coat or sports jacket is what gentlemen in the less formal countryside do for sports. When comparing a sports coat vs blazer, it's essential to grasp the key distinctions between these two classic men's jackets. A blazer is typically more formal and structured, often associated with business or semi-formal occasions. On the other hand, sports jackets are more relaxed and casual, ideal for adding a touch of sophistication to everyday outfits without the need for a full suit. So, the primary difference between a sports coat and a blazer lies in their level of formality and the occasions for which they are most suitable.

Sports coats are often made from materials like cotton, wool, and cashmere, providing a soft and comfortable feel on the skin. These sports coat for men are intentionally designed with a loose fit, allowing for ease of movement and making them perfect for both dressy and casual styles.

Sports jackets for men come in a variety of fabrics, such as flannel, corduroy, and tweed. These jackets commonly feature check or houndstooth patterns, giving them a distinctly informal and relaxed impression.

sports coat

How to Style and Wear a Sports Coat

When aiming for a versatile and sophisticated ensemble, consider the sports coat look. According to our wardrobe experts at VJVNOW, you can do a few things to style up how you wear a sports jacket. First, between a sports coat vs suit jacketmens sports coat is more casual and versatile, intended to be worn with various types of trousers for a stylish yet relaxed look. In contrast, a suit jacket is a formal piece specifically designed to be worn as part of a matching suit, typically accompanied by suit trousers, creating a polished and cohesive outfit.

Secondly, what type of occasion will you attend with a sports coat? 

A sports coat is suitable for a wide range of semi-formal to smart-casual occasions. You can wear a sports coat to events like a business casual office setting, a dinner party, a night out with friends, or even a wedding with a less formal dress code. Its versatility allows you to elevate your style while maintaining a comfortable and relaxed appearance.

Conversely, when donning a sports coat with a vibrant pattern or distinctive color, it's advisable to coordinate it with complementary clothing pieces. Above all, wear your sports coat with confidence and embrace the experience. Feel free to explore various styles and outfits until you find the one that perfectly suits your personality and taste.

Suit Jacket vs Blazer vs Sports Coat Level of Formality

Of all the three, coat vs jacket vs blazer, the most formal dress code is the suit jacket, and it's easy to see why. These are outfits used to grace formal and semi-formal events like weddings. Understand that there are different types of suit jackets made from various fabrics, and while some jackets are appropriate for the office, others might seem too casual to be worn in a business setting. 

Between a suit jacket vs blazer, the blazer is less dressy than a suit, although it works well for formal and informal settings. It's often difficult to differentiate a blazer from a suit jacket, but the simplest difference is that blazers do not have matching pants, while jackets must have. You can wear blazers for a casual wedding, business casual, or dinner date. 

On the other hand, a sports coat is the most casual outfit of the three men's jackets. It fits amazingly into casual settings and has versatile uses. You can dress casually in sneakers or pants, a shirt, and a tie. A sports coat will fit if you are going for an informal event where you want to dress sophisticated yet casual.



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What is the main difference between a suit jacket and a blazer?

A suit jacket is designed to be part of a matching set with trousers, while a blazer is a standalone piece that can be paired with different types of trousers.

Can I wear a suit jacket casually?

Yes, you can wear a suit jacket casually by pairing it with non-matching trousers like chinos or jeans.

What occasions are suitable for a blazer?

Blazers are versatile and suitable for both formal and informal settings such as business casual events, dinners, and casual weddings.

What is a sports coat?

A sports coat is a less formal jacket compared to a suit jacket and blazer, often made from patterned or textured fabrics like tweed, flannel, or corduroy.

How should a suit jacket fit?

A suit jacket should have a snug fit with structured shoulders, creating a polished look ideal for formal settings.