Chino Suit: The Complete Style Guide

Chino Suit: The Complete Style Guide

Chino cloth is used in the construction of many different garments. When most people hear the term "chino cloth," they envision chino trousers. Chino trousers are lightweight semi-formal pants. But there are other garments made of this same material. In addition to chino trousers, you can find suits made of chino cloth.

What Is a Chino Suit?

A chino suit is any two-piece or three-piece suit that's made of chino cloth. Two-piece chino suits consist of a jacket and a pair of matching trousers, whereas three-piece chino suits contain an added vest. Regardless, all chino suits are made of chino cloth.

Chino cloth is a twill material. It's available in a few different varieties. Most chino cloth is 100% cotton. Manufacturers take plain cotton and turn it into chino cloth using a twill weave. Other varieties of chino cloth consist of cotton-synthetic blends. They still have cotton, but they live up to their namesake by featuring or one or more synthetic materials in their construction.

Chino Suits vs Cotton Suits

You might be wondering how chino suits differ from cotton suits. After all, chino is a twill material consisting of cotton or a cotton-synthetic blend. They may share some similarities, but chino and cotton suits aren't the same. 

Chino suits are specifically made of chino cloth, which is a cotton-based twill material. Twill is a type of weave. There are three primary types of weaves for textiles: plain, satin and twill. Plain weave is the most basic type. Also known as calico weave, it involves the use of weft threads that go over and under the warp threads.

Satin weave is characterized by a lustrous, glossy texture. In the past, it was typically made using silk. You can still find silk satin, but most satin is now made of polyester and rayon. Regardless, satin wave has a shiny surface that distinguishes it from other weave types.

Chino suits are made of chino, which features a twill weave. Along with plain and satin, twill is one of the three primary weave types. It involves the use of weft threads going over at least one warp thread, followed by passing the weft threads back under the warp threads. The end result is diagonal and parallel ribbing. If you inspect the surface of chino cloth or other twill weave materials, you'll see this ribbing.

Exceptional Durability

Chino suits are durable. They are more durable, in fact, than plain cotton suits.

Chino cloth isn't a new material. It's been around for several centuries. Unbeknownst to most people, chino cloth was originally developed in the mid-1800s for use in British military uniforms. The British military wanted to develop new uniforms that were both comfortable and durable. This ultimately led to the advent of chino cloth.

The British military used chino cloth to produce its new uniforms. Chino cloth was later introduced into the civilian world. Since then, it's been used to make everything from chino trousers and shirts to chino suits and accessories.

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Lightweight and Comfortable

Not only are they durable, but chino suits are also lightweight. They weigh less than many other types of suits, including plain cotton suits. Why does this matter exactly?

The weight of a suit will affect its comfort level. Lightweight suits are usually more comfortable than heavyweight suits. They'll allow you to bend and move your body more freely -- all without weighing you down.

Chino and other lightweight suits are also ideal for the warm weather. They are naturally breathable. They won't trap your body heat. With their lightweight construction, they are breathable and, thus, ideal for warm weather. You can still wear a chino suit during the fall and winter months, but they are particularly comfortable to wear during the warmer months of the year thanks to their lightweight construction.

Available in Stretch Chino Cloth

When shopping for chino suits, you may discover that some of them are made of standard chino cloth and others are made of stretch chino cloth. Stretch chino cloth still features a twill weave type. Both standard and stretch chino cloth use this same type of weave. The difference is that standard chino cloth consists of 100% cotton, whereas stretch chino cloth is a cotton-synthetic hybrid material.

Stretch chino suits are made of a cotton-synthetic hybrid material. They may contain 98% cotton and 2% lycra. Lycra is a synthetic material that's known for its elastic properties. Even with just 2% lycra, stretch chino suits are elastic. You can pull and stretch them without damaging them. Regardless, chino suits are available in standard chino cloth and stretch chino cloth.

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Tips on Shopping for a Chino Suit

Now that you know a little bit about chino suits, you may want to purchase one. Chino suits are available in dozens of colors. Some men prefer chino suits in a traditional color like black or navy, whereas others prefer chino suits in a bold color like red or olive. If you're going to buy a chino suit, you should choose a color that matches your personal style as well as the accessories with which you intend to wear it.

You can find chino suits with lining. Lining consists of an added layer of material that's sewn into the interior of a suit. Chino suits, as well as other types of suits, are available with lining. Viscose is a common type of suit lining. With its soft, velvet-like texture, it will create a more comfortable fit.

When ordering a chino suit from VJVNOW, you can choose from either a generic size or made to measure. Generic sizes include fixed, standard measurements. For the trousers, for instance, you can choose a generic size consisting of a waist measurement and an inseam measurement.

Made-to-measure chino suits offer a more customized alternative to generic sizes. Upon selecting the "Made to Measure" option, you can specify your own body measurements during checkout. You won't be limited to choosing a chino suit in a generic size. With made to measure, you'll have the freedom of specifying your own body measurements, resulting in the perfect fit.


What is a chino suit?

A chino suit is a two-piece or three-piece suit made of chino cloth, a durable and lightweight twill material, typically consisting of cotton or a cotton-synthetic blend.

How do chino suits differ from cotton suits?

Chino suits are made of chino cloth, which is a specific type of twill weave, while cotton suits may use a plain or other weave types. Chino suits offer unique durability and breathability due to their twill construction.

Are chino suits suitable for warm weather?

Yes, chino suits are lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for warm weather. They allow for better airflow and comfort compared to heavier suit materials.