Tuxedo Jackets : The Complete Beginner Guide

Tuxedo Jackets : The Complete Beginner Guide - VJV Now

Looking for the ultimate guide on tuxedo jackets? This comprehensive style guide covers everything from materials and colors to accessorizing for that perfect formal look. Read on to elevate your fashion game with our expert tips and insights.

hat Is a Tuxedo Jacket?

A tuxedo jacket is exactly what it sounds like: a formal jacket that's worn as a part of a tuxedo outfit. All tuxedos consist of a jacket and a pair of trousers. When wearing a tuxedo, you'll probably want to accessorize your shirt with a bow tie as well. A bow tie will define your neckline while enhancing the appearance of your tuxedo. A tuxedo jacket is a formal jacket that you wear over your dress shirt.

Tuxedo Jackets vs Traditional Suit Jackets: What's the Difference?

Some men assume that tuxedo jackets are the same as traditional suit jackets. After all, they are both considered formal outerwear, and they both feature a similar appearance. While they share some similarities, though, tuxedo jackets aren't the same as traditional suit jackets.

You can distinguish between tuxedo jackets and traditional suit jackets by inspecting the lapels. Both types of jackets have lapels. Lapels are the narrow sections of folded material directly below the collar. On tuxedo jackets, the lapels feature satin facing. On traditional suit jackets, the lapels don't feature satin facing.

Along with satin-facing lapels, most tuxedo jackets have satin-facing buttons. Buttons are found on the front of tuxedo jackets. You can unfasten the buttons when taking off a tuxedo jacket, and you can fasten the buttons when putting on a tuxedo jacket. Traditional suit jackets have plain buttons. But tuxedo jackets have premium buttons that feature the same satin facing as their lapels.

Tuxedo Jacket Materials

You can find tuxedo jackets in different materials. Some of them are made of linen, for instance. Linen tuxedo jackets are lightweight, breathable and low maintenance. For the warmer months of the year, you can't go wrong with a linen tuxedo jacket. Other tuxedo jackets are made of silk, such as Italian silk. Silk tuxedo jackets have an unparalleled level of softness that many men prefer.

For the cooler months of the year, there's no substitution for a wool tuxedo jacket. Wool tuxedo jackets offer greater thermal protection than their counterparts. They are thicker than other types of tuxedo jackets, making them better suited for the fall and winter seasons. The bottom line is that you should choose a tuxedo jacket in a material that's appropriate for the time of the year

Tuxedo Jacket Colors

Pay attention to the colors when choosing a tuxedo jacket. The colors will determine the garments and accessories with which you can wear it. If you choose a tuxedo jacket in a bold color combination, you may not be able to wear it with many garments and accessories. Choosing a tuxedo jacket in a universal color combination, on the other hand, will give you more options.

Some tuxedo jackets feature a solid color, whereas others feature a pattern. Tuxedo jackets with a pattern will typically have a primary color and a secondary color. Plaid, for instance, is a multicolored pattern. Horizontal and vertical stripes are also multicolored patterns.

Tuxedo Jacket Buttons

Tuxedo jackets have buttons on the front. As previously mentioned, they feature satin facing, which distinguishes them from traditional suit jackets. The number of buttons on a tuxedo jacket, though, may vary.

Some tuxedo jackets have three buttons on the front. Other tuxedo jackets only have two buttons on the front. For tuxedo jackets with three buttons, you should always fasten the middle button and never fasten the bottom button. For tuxedo jackets with two buttons, you can fasten the top button or leave it unfastened, and you should never fasten the bottom button.

There are also tuxedo jackets with a single button. If a tuxedo jacket only has a single button, you can either fasten it or leave it unfastened. Following this etiquette will help you achieve a more formal, stylish appearance when wearing a tuxedo jacket.

Tuxedo Jacket Lining

You may discover that many tuxedo jackets have lining. Lining consists of a layer of material that's added to the interior of a tuxedo jacket. Viscose, for instance, is a common type of material with which tuxedo jackets are lined.

Lining can make tuxedo jackets softer and more comfortable to wear. If a tuxedo jacket has viscose lining, you can expect a higher level of comfort. Viscose lining is a thin, ultra-soft material. With that said, not all tuxedo jackets have lining. While lining is a common feature in many tuxedo jackets, there are still plenty of tuxedo jackets that don't feature any lining.

Tuxedo Jacket Satin Color

Depending on where you purchase a tuxedo jacket, you may have the option of choosing a color for the satin. Satin is a soft and lustrous material that mimics the appearance of silk. While it's typically not found on traditional suit jackets, all tuxedo jackets have satin. You can find satin on the lapels and buttons of tuxedo jackets.

Maybe you prefer black satin, or perhaps you prefer blue or white satin. Regardless, tuxedo jackets are available in different satin colors. If you order a tuxedo jacket here at StudioSuits, you can choose from one of several satin colors.

Accessorizing a Tuxedo Jacket

You may want to accessorize a tuxedo jacket. A pocket square is a small and simple accessory that can make a big impact on your tuxedo jacket. It's a square- or rectangular-shaped piece of cloth that's designed for use in the breast pocket of a formal jacket.

Assuming your tuxedo jacket has a breast pocket, you can accessorize it with a pocket square. Just fold the pocket square and tuck it into the breast pocket. You should leave the top part of the pocket square sticking out of the breast pocket. By doing so, you'll inject new colors into your tuxedo outfit.


Q: Can I wear a tuxedo jacket with regular suit trousers?
A: It's best to pair a tuxedo jacket with tuxedo trousers, as they are designed to complement each other in terms of material and style.

Q: Are there specific occasions where a tuxedo jacket is required?
A: Tuxedo jackets are typically worn at black-tie events, formal weddings, galas, and other high-profile gatherings.

Q: How should I care for my tuxedo jacket?
A: Always follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Generally, professional dry cleaning is recommended for tuxedo jackets.