Tweed Suit Style For Groom's Modern Indian Weeding

Tweed Suit Style For Groom's Modern Indian Weeding - VJV Now

Welcome to our style guide, where we delve into the timeless elegance and modern appeal of tweed suits for grooms. As weddings evolve, so do the trends in groom's attire, and tweed suits have emerged as a top choice for modern Indian weddings.

In this post, we'll explore why tweed suits are an excellent option, showcase some of the best styles, and provide tips on how to wear them for your big day. Whether you're aiming for a rustic outdoor ceremony or a sophisticated indoor celebration, a tweed suit can help you achieve a look that's both stylish and unforgettable. Let's dive into the world of tweed and discover how to make a statement on your wedding day!

Why Choose Tweed?

Not only does it look good, tweed is also a highly functional material. It was originally worn by English and Scottish noblemen during sporting events and hunting trips, so it’s very durable and comfortable - perfect for tearing it up on the dance floor. It’s also water-resistant, making it a no-brainer for outdoor weddings during colder months or in wet climates. Below we’ve come up with a selection of our favorite picks for tweed wedding suits to help you find your best option.

Best tweed wedding suits

The Best Tweed Wedding Suit

Men's Grey Tweed Suit

Elevate your style with classic grey tweed. Perfect for any wedding, it offers a sophisticated look and pairs well with a variety of colors for tie and pocket square. Add a pop of color with pastel ties for spring/summer weddings or choose dark colors like burgundy, purple, navy, or black for autumn/winter weddings. Coordinate with black, tan, or brown dress shoes. Grey tweed is a guaranteed style win.

Vintage grey tweed wedding suit

Men's Brown Tweed Suit

Get a rustic and down-to-earth feel with a brown tweed suit, perfect for country and outdoor weddings. Choose your shade of brown depending on the season and pair it with colors like navy, light grey, pale pink, rust, light blue or cream for a polished look. Opt for a monochromatic look by choosing lighter or darker shades of brown for a cohesive look. The monochromatic route is your best bet when it comes to shoes - stick to a darker shade of brown or tan to finish your look. Brown tweed is the perfect blend of formal but relaxed.

 Brown tweed wedding suit

Men's Blue Tweed Suit

Sharp, dark, and handsome - words that will most likely be used to describe a man in a blue tweed suit! Blue or navy is often the darkest option when it comes to tweed, so it works well for autumn or winter weddings (but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss is during the warmer months - perhaps for a beach wedding?). Blue is a beautiful and classic color that looks great at traditional church weddings or outdoor weddings. You can keep a neutral look with black, brown, or grey accessories, make a contrast with red/burgundy/rust or golden yellow, or brighten things up with pastel pink or blue. Blue is an especially great base for patterns like floral or paisley, as it usually tends to be included in the pattern itself. Dark brown or black shoes will look best with blue tweed. A blue tweed suit will keep you looking cool all night long.


Double-Breasted Tweed Suit

If you know the bride and groom aren’t sticklers for tradition, you can wear a 2-piece double-breasted suit instead of a 3-piece suit. If you’d rather play it safe, there are many amazing double-breasted 3-piece suits that you can choose from. But if you’re more of a modern man, consider a double-breasted suit. A more formal occasion, like a wedding, is the perfect opportunity to break out of this ultra-elegant style. Choose fun accessories to make the suit feel more like it belongs at a wedding than a boardroom. Don’t be afraid of patterns or color - perhaps choose a bow tie instead of a tie. No matter how you choose to style it, you’ll be the most dapper gentleman at the wedding

Plaid Tweed

For a true vintage feel, opt for a plaid tweed suit. This smart and timeless print looks especially good at autumn and winter weddings, although lighter options are very welcome for spring and summer weddings. Plaids look great paired with accessories in earthy shades like brown, burgundy, and hunter green. Monochromatic shades also work well to unify the look. For a quirkier feel, go the print-on-print route. As long as the print contains a similar color and isn’t too big, it won’t be overpowering. Some good bets are diagonal stripes, small polka dots or floral, or paisley. Plaid is an excellent choice for vintage or rustic-themed weddings.

3-Piece Tweed Suit

A 3-piece tweed suit is a traditional choice for weddings, so you can’t go wrong with one. Definitely stick to the rules if you know that’s the plan for the wedding, or if it’s a summer wedding: if it starts getting too hot, you can always remove your jacket. Feel free to switch out the waistcoat to something else to create a more colorful ensemble. Some combinations that pair well are blue/brown and blue/grey, or you can add a lighter/darker waistcoat in the same shade of your suit for color depth. Make sure your tie is neatly tucked into the waistcoat and the bottom button is undone. You’ll be the star of all the wedding photos.

Styling Tips

  • Go for a more tailored or slim fit. We all know there’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting suit, especially when it comes to tweed. It doesn’t have to be super tight but a well-fitted suit will make the look a lot more modern.
  • Make your footwear of choice brogues. Tweed suits and brogues are a match made in heaven.
  • Don’t skip out on the accessories. Just a tie won’t cut it. Tweed suits may feel slightly less formal than other types of suits, so dress it all the way up. Make sure you have a pocket square, and why not throw in a tie clip and a pocket watch (if you’re wearing a waistcoat)?
  • White or light. You can’t go wrong with a white shirt, but if you want to choose a colored option that’s fine too. Just make sure it’s a very light shade so that it doesn’t overpower the colors of the tweed. For example, if you choose a brown tweed suit, you can wear a light cream or beige shirt instead.
  • Go for a suitable color palette regarding the bridesmaids. As you may know, our sister brand sumissura is also specialized in bridesmaid dresses. 

Choosing a tweed suit for your wedding is a stylish and practical decision. Its versatility, durability, and timeless appeal make it a standout choice for modern Indian weddings. Whether you opt for grey, brown, blue, plaid, or a double-breasted style, you’ll look dashing and feel comfortable throughout the celebration. Embrace the elegance of tweed and make your wedding day unforgettable.


1. Why should I choose a tweed suit for my wedding?

A tweed suit is an excellent choice for its versatility, durability, and timeless style. It adds texture and visual interest that sets it apart from other fabrics, making it suitable for both rustic outdoor and formal indoor weddings. Its water-resistant and comfortable nature ensures you stay stylish and at ease throughout the event.

2. What colors of tweed suits are best for weddings?

Popular tweed suit colors for weddings include grey, brown, blue, and plaid. Grey tweed offers a sophisticated look, brown tweed provides a rustic feel, blue tweed is classic and sharp, and plaid tweed adds a vintage touch. Each color can be paired with various accessories to match the wedding theme and season.

3. Can I wear a tweed suit to a summer wedding?

Yes, you can wear a tweed suit to a summer wedding. Opt for lighter shades of tweed and ensure the suit is well-fitted to stay comfortable. You can also choose a two-piece suit instead of a three-piece to stay cooler. Tweed's versatility allows it to be styled for any season.

4. How should I accessorize my tweed suit for a wedding?

Accessorize your tweed suit with a tie or bow tie, pocket square, and suitable footwear like brogues. Consider adding a tie clip and a pocket watch for a more formal look. Ensure your shirt color is light to complement the tweed and coordinate with the wedding’s color palette.

5. What type of shoes should I wear with a tweed suit?

Brogues are an excellent choice for pairing with a tweed suit. Depending on the suit color, you can choose black, brown, tan, or dark brown shoes. Ensure the shoes match the overall color scheme of your outfit for a polished and cohesive look.