Top 10 Rules for Wearing a Suit Like a Pro

Top 10 Rules for Wearing a Suit Like a Pro - VJV Now

The next event is around the corner and all of us are rushing to get a new outfit made for us, aren't we? Get a new men suit for the next celebration or new office job. But make sure to wear your suit right! There are also some insider tips, only a few are aware of.


Stunning Light Green Color Men's Single Breasted Designer Suit - VJV Now


Stunning Light Green Color Men's Single Breasted Designer Suit - VJV Now


#1 Never ever button the bottom button of a suit jacket

No matter if you buy a suit at a store in your size or a custom men suit at our online shop. Suits are made to have only the button in the middle be closed. Keep the very last one open, ALWAYS!



#2 Never forget to unbutton the jacket when you sit down.

Don’t ruin the shape of your suit. Make sure to unbutton the suit jacket to feel more comfortable and prevent button popping during dinner or business lunch.
Find the perfect fitting Custom Blazer here.

Find the perfect fitting Custom Blazer here.



#3 Always keep the top button of your shirt buttoned

Shirt buttons are made to be closed. Yes, all of them. If you cannot close the top button, you need to get a new men’s shirt. Keep the lines of the shirt collar matching and make sure, that you have the right length of shirt cuffs. 

Charming Beige Color Men's Single Breasted Designer Suit - VJV Now


Charming Beige Color Men's Single Breasted Designer Suit - VJV Now


#4 Don’t let the shirt cuffs go over your hands

Shirt sleeves are integral for making you look well-groomed and sharp. This is why you should make sure that they are the right length and fit. Ideally, a quarter of an inch of the cuff of your shirt sleeve should appear from beneath the jacket sleeve. 



#5 Never look like you choke yourself

A shirt collar is particularly important as it should never make you look choked. You should be comfortable in your Christmas suit so place two fingers between your skin and collar to make sure that it fits well. Also, take note that shirts sometimes shrink and you will have to have a broader collar if you want to wear this shirt after Christmas is over. 


#6 Wear only a jacket that fits

The jacket, like in these beautiful grey suit, has to be tailored in a way that it does not look too loose or tight at the chest. A nice tip is to place three fingers perpendicularly between your jacket and stomach. You should be able to slip your hand between your chest and your buttoned jacket such that it feels snug, but with room to move.

Beautiful Grey Suit



#7 Never let your socks be seen

Find trousers that fit you well. Neither too short or too long give your look a benefit. Let your trousers sit on the top of your shoes.



#8 More about socks

Make sure your socks are long enough. No one wants to see your hairy legs between trousers and socks when you sit down. Especially if you wear fancy socks.



#9. It's a match: Belt and shoe color

There are no exceptions. Color-mixes are not needed when it comes to dress shoes and belt. Same with your watch. The leather strap needs to be the same as the belt and shoe color. Find here our belts. 


#10 Never wear a pocket square that matches your tie

A pocket square adds an extra level of polish, but make sure it doesn't match your tie in either pattern or fabric choice.




1. Should I always button the top button of my suit jacket?

No, the top button should always be buttoned, but the bottom button should remain undone to maintain the suit's proper fit and silhouette.

2. How should I select the right length for my shirt cuffs?

Ensure that a quarter of an inch of your shirt cuff is visible beyond the jacket sleeve for a polished look.

3. Is it acceptable to wear short socks with a suit?

No, your socks should be long enough to prevent any skin from showing when sitting down, especially if wearing fancy socks.

4. What should I do if my suit jacket feels too loose or tight?

A well-fitted jacket should allow you to comfortably slip three fingers between your chest and the buttoned jacket.

5. Can I match my tie and pocket square?

It's best to avoid matching your tie and pocket square in either pattern or fabric choice to add visual interest to your outfit.

6. How should I match my belt and shoe color?

Ensure your belt and shoes are of the same color to maintain a cohesive and polished look, with no exceptions.

7. What should I do if my shirt collar feels too tight?

Ensure that you can comfortably fit two fingers between your skin and the collar to prevent discomfort.

8. Should my socks always match my trousers?

Your socks should complement your trousers, but they don't necessarily need to match them exactly.

9. Can I wear a suit jacket without a tie?

Yes, wearing a suit jacket without a tie is acceptable for more casual occasions, but ensure the shirt collar is properly buttoned.

10. How should I ensure my suit trousers fit correctly?

Your trousers should sit at the top of your shoes and neither be too short nor too long, creating a polished look.

By adhering to these top 10 rules, you'll effortlessly exude confidence and sophistication in every suit you wear. Elevate your style game and make a lasting impression wherever you go.