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4 Blazer type for men - VJVNow - VJV Now

Blazers are one of those must-have staple pieces that everyone needs to have on hand. They’re easy to dress up or down, whether you pair them with slacks and pumps or jeans and sneakers. You can’t go wrong with either combination! In addition to a classic black blazer, everyone should have at least one colored blazer in their closet. A fun color makes the timeless piece a little more modern and fresh. Plus, it’s an easy way to brighten up any professional outfit. To help you find the best colored blazers to shop from, we used our data-driven algorithm to scour the web to discover which blazers are worth adding to the cart.

1. Double Breasted Solid Blazer
A double-breasted blazer consists of a wide overlapping front flap, which makes for a sturdy garment, having two symmetrical columns of buttons in front. The quintessential double-breasted blazer features one to four columns of buttons, out of which only one side is functional.It should be styled very cautiously and should not be over the top. When styling this blazer, avoid button-downs with patterns and pants with thick stripes on them. Always go for six buttons as the 6×2 (it has six buttons where two are used and sometimes, one is used) style of blazer is the most outstanding choice. The buttons should be closed at all times because the second you open them up, the illusion starts to fall apart.

men's double breasted blazer

2. Jodhpuri Blazer
Jodhpuris are a perfect blend of Indian styles and western tailoring techniques. The outfit consists of a jacket in a rich fabric with a tailored trouser. Jodhpuris is more of a combination of jacket with a bandhgala or Nehru jackets paired up with trousers. Red Jodhpuri with contrast trouser is remarkable in itself due to the design and colour and texture of the fabric.Stitch work contrast patch on shoulder part and stone buttons will create the sense of unique style. This is one of those suits whose versatility will have you reaching for it more often than you think. With so many options of colours and patterns nowadays, pairing them with the right pyjama or pant depending on the occasion has become a real task.

3. Long Coat Blazer
A cool, well-fitting long coat can instantly elevate your look from super casual to dapper formal. A long coiat is a conventional staple of men’s outerwear. It is usually made of wool and has a long, sleek silhouette. The long coat was originally made to be worn over a suit but can also be combined with a more casual look and are lighter than overcoats. If you want to make any changes, to add your personal style and touch - such as change the coat pockets or buttons, remember you can always customize your coat and add/remove/change any features you want. If you're unsure what coat to buy this season, a long coat will be your best option.

4. Simple Black Suit
Black is always the favourite for men’s fashion blazers. A simple cotton blazer man is widely selected as it works for both casual and official look. Made from silk, it gives a dashing appearance on black trousers. The simpler it is, the more sophisticated you appear. This classic design, a single-button blazer for men, will undoubtedly not get out of fashion. VJVNOW also offers single breasted blazer that can be wear as suit. If you ever confused about blazer design and colour, you can always go for black blazzer.

Simple black blazer