Customer Service

General Faqs
A. What is the process to place the order online on your website?
You can start with the Account mentioned on the right header (we can provide Process if needed in PDF file).
B. What is the difference between billing address and shipping address?
The billing is the address of the person who is paying for the order and shipping address is the address you need the order to be dispatched.
C. How can we check the ready ship products?
On our home page on right header below my account there is an option of ready shipping, once you click you can select the category needed.
D. Where can I view my order in my account?
You can view your order in Your my Account options under “My Redeem Points”.
E. Till when can I receive my tracking details after dispatch?
If the shipping address is in India you will receive a mail in 24 working hours, but if the shipping address is not in India it will take 48 working hours to receive the tracking details.
F. How can I know if my order is successfully placed?
If your order is successfully placed you will receive the Order confirmation mail in 24 working hours. Regarding COD orders first our customer care team will call you for confirmation and if the order is confirm by the customer, Confirmation mail will be sent in 24 working hours. 
Queries for the Products
A. What happens if the goods received are damaged?
No need to worry as the goods are insured, We will get it from the courier company. But if you feel that the damage was from our side than, we would replace it. 
B. Is it that I can buy saree with the unstitched blouse ?
Yes you can buy saree with the unstitched blouse.
C. What does Semi-Stitched material means?
With Semi stitched dress material, we are not able to alter the pattern/style of the neck or length of the top (as there would heavy work at the hem of the material) when customizing. Finished dress would look like the one worn by the models. But we are able to re-size according to your exact measurements..
Queries for the Shipping
A. Shipping charges will be varying from country to country? Do the shipping charges vary from count
It may vary in some cases. Please check the shipping charges at the time of giving the order from the product itself. 
B. How is the shipping charges calculated?
It depends on the number of products ordered. 
C. How can I track the package once it has been shipped from India?
You will get a mail from our customer care with the courier details, so you can track your shipment through the respective courier website. 
D. What will be the shipping charges?
  1. For India                        – There is no shipping charges in most of the cases.

2.  Outside India            -  After giving the order, on screen you will get the shipping charges Calculated and so will have to pay accordingly.                               

However it can be verified in the shipping policy, if there occur some changes. 

E. Billing address and shipping address can be different?
Yes, you can definitely give a different shipping address.
Queries for the Returning Goods
A. Is it possible that stitched to my measurements can be returned ?
Sorry to say, but customized garments cannot be returned or exchanged. 
B. What is the procedure for returning the garments?
You can return the garments in 48 hours. All the cost will be bared by you. One mail should be given from your side as intimation to send the garment back. 
C. Is there any products which cannot be returned ?
No, every products on our website is returnable. 
D. Can I return or exchange the saree with the stitched blouse ?
Sorry, for the customised saree with the blouse cannot be returned or exchanged. We can accept the return if there are any faults at our end. 
E. Kids Wear are returnable or not?
No it cannot be returned as there sizes are specified with the age as well as the bust size. First ensure it than only give the order in the case of Kids wear. 
F. If I return the product, will I get the full refund?
  1. a.        In case of some fault in garment than you can exchange it and select the other design. But, if you want the refund than we will refund you back excluding the shipping charges which has been charged.
  2. b.       If there is some customised work in any of the garments and you don’t want to customised it and want to send it back,than you can send it and will be refunded back to you excluding the shipping charges which has been charged.
  3. c.        If I return an products, are there any charges for refunds ?
We would not be refunding shipping charges, We will also not refund the custom duties or taxes, if applicable, or paid by you at the time of receiving the goods.
Queries for the Deliveries
A. Is there any facility for delivery to our doorstep?
Yes, we have hired more than 1 courier services to deliver all our packages to your doorstep.
B. What is the tentative time for the delivery of orders?
 If you have selected the product that doesn’t require any customization, then you would receive your goods within 10 days, and if it is required, then it would reach you within 20 days.
C. Can you deliver at any cities in India & countries across the globe?
Yes we deliver at any place in the world. We have given the facility to check it on our website, for checking the location for the products is delivered or not. 
Queries for the Measurements
A. How to take the measurements?
 We have the good option for filling up the measurement from the website itself. Apart from this you can also courier your best-fit to us.
B. Are we able to edit the measurements which I have inserted into the Measurement Form ?
Of course yes. You have also to update us within 24 Hours.
Queries for the Payment Options
A. Is there any other option in currencies apart from Rupee and Dollar and what will be the rate
Definitely yes, you can always make a payment in any currency, but the suggestion is to prefer in US dollars and Indian National Rupee. The Rate of Exchange will be charged as per the running charges as on date. 
B. Are you having the facility to make the payment itself in India but delivery outside India?
We have the facility. You just send us the mail with every details of the payment on our Customer Care ID. 
C. How can we know that you have received the payment?
You will receive a mail with the order information and the payment details. 
D. Is there any facility to pay with 2 different cards for a single order?
No, it is not possible to pay with more than one card for a same order. 
E. Can I pay using bank transfer? Where do I get details of your bank account?
You can pay through the bank transfer. Check details in Payment options. 
F. Is it necessary to have the Paypal Account? Without it can I transfer the amount?
Yes, you need to have the paypal account. You can do transfer the amount without Paypal account but of course there are other payment options. 
G. Worry about credit card details.
No need to worry. As only the transaction ID is generated on our side, so your details are safe on your side only.
H. Do you accept personal cheques?
No, we don’t accept personal cheques. 
I. Is there any facilities to pay through Debit Card ?
We accept all types of major Debit Cards. You can pay through our CC Avenue Payment Options 
J. What to do if my card is declined?
Please recheck from your side for your card details, whether it is correct or not. If yes than please contact your bank and intimate them the details. It is the possibility that banks might block your card seeing to the security threats. 
Shipping Policy
A. How many country in the world you will provide your products?
 Yes, we deliver to almost all countries in the world. 
B. What are your shipping charges for deliveries inside India?
We provide free shipping throughout India. 
C. Can I track the package once you ship it from India?
 Yes, When your order is shipped you will receive an email with the Bill number of the courier. You would be able to track your order details with the respective courier. 
D. Is the shipping charge calculated on weight of the package?
Yes, shipping charges are calculated on the weight of products in your order. You can view the shipping cost at the time of placing order. 
E. Do the shipping charges vary from country to country?
Yes, shipping charges vary from country to country. When you select any product we have also provided shipping cost box, so whenever you add shipping country the cost of product with weight updated on that box.