Style Guide Tuxedos Vs Suits : What Is The Difference?

Style Guide Tuxedos Vs Suits : What Is The Difference? - VJV Now

Dressing for an event can be a daunting task, especially when deciding between a tuxedo and a suit. While they might look similar to the untrained eye, these two staples of menswear have distinct differences and specific contexts where each shines. Whether you're preparing for a wedding, prom, or a formal dinner, understanding these differences is crucial to making the right choice and looking your best.

What is the difference between a suit and a tuxedo?  The structure might be the same and sometimes you may hear the words tuxedo and suit being used indistinctly to refer to a suit jacket and suit pants. The main difference between a suit and a tux is satin. But let's go through the main differences between a tuxedo and a suit:

What makes a tuxedo a tuxedo? Easy:

  1. Tuxedos are worn with bow ties and suits either with or without a tie.
  2. Tuxedos have satin lapels, which can even be from a different shade while suits lapels are made of the same fabric.
  3. Tuxedos have also satin buttons while suits have the usual suit buttons, not covered by a piece of satin fabric.
  4. Tuxedo pants include a satin stripe, while suit pants don't.

If you already have the information you needed - great! We wanted to make it straightforward. You are ready to design your tux. But if you want to learn more, such as:

  • What to wear to a wedding

  • When to wear a tuxedo

  • What exceptions there are

We will cover that in the following sections. Feel free to share this infographic so everyone knows the differences between these two products and knows how to use the correct word to define each of them:

Tuxedo vs Suit for Wedding

What should you wear to a wedding: a wedding tuxedo or a wedding suit? Both are good options. It depends on what it says on the invitation and if doesn't, ask the groom. If the groom doesn't know what to tell you, just follow some of these recommendations:

  • For daytime weddings: if in doubt, better wear a suit. A tuxedo is mostly seen as night attire.
  • For evening weddings: suit and tuxedo. Both are great options.
  • If the invitation says black tie attire is required: you can never go wrong with a tuxedo.
  • If the invitation says black tie attire optional: feel free to choose whatever you prefer. But make sure that if you choose a suit it has to be in a dark shade or you get a little bit more creative and choose a burgundy tuxedo.
  • If it is a destination or beach weddingprobably the wedding guest attire will be more relaxed so you can wear a light-shade suit, and even consider linen if the temperature can be a problem. In this kind of event, you can wear a business suit but you will be sure much more comfortable in a linen-cotton suit. The groom might wear a tuxedo anyway. Come on, it is his day, he can wear whatever he wants.
  • You can wear a waistcoat with both but please check our tuxedo vests if you are wearing a tuxedo.



Prom Tuxedo vs Prom Suit : What Is The Difference?

Going to prom is a very exciting occasion for every high school student.  Show some self-confidence and wear whatever you feel glamorous in. Just follow these simple rules:

  • If you want to wear a bow tie, choose a tuxedo
  • If you just want to wear a tie,  wear a suit. You can combine your suit with a tie but don't wear a bow tie.

Our advice: Don't match your tie or your bow tie with the colour of your partner's attire. Please don't. Be strong. 

Dinner Suit vs Tuxedo : What Is The Difference?

A dinner suit is the same as a tuxedo.  "Dinner suit" is a term that helps you understand when to use a tuxedo. As we said previously in this post: it is an evening attire which can even be called an evening suit or evening dress (for men). Call it the way you want, probably you will hear more about the term dinner suit in the United Kingdom but it is not unusual to hear about it in the United States.

When to Wear a Tuxedo vs Suit?

Tuxedo or Suit. What should I choose? Let's make it easy:

  • Business → Suit
  • Casual→ Suit
  • Formal → Tuxedo or dark suit
  • Black tie event → Tuxedo
  • Daytime wedding → Suit
  • Beach wedding → Suit
  • Night wedding → Tuxedo or dark suit
  • Prom → Tuxedo or suit
Occasion Recommended Attire Why?
Business Suit A suit offers the perfect balance of professionalism and style, making it the go-to choice for business occasions.
Casual Suit A casual suit with a relaxed fit and lighter colors is versatile for informal meetings or dates.
Formal Tuxedo or Dark Suit For formal events, a tuxedo or a dark suit exemplifies elegance and style.
Black Tie Event Tuxedo A black tie event traditionally requires a tuxedo - it's the epitome of class and sophistication.
Daytime Wedding Suit A suit in a light color palette is perfect for daytime weddings as it maintains a festive yet elegant appearance.
Beach Wedding Suit A light-colored suit made from breathable fabric such as linen or cotton is ideal for beach weddings.
Night Wedding Tuxedo or Dark Suit For evening weddings, a tuxedo or a dark suit adds a touch of glamour and sophistication.
Prom Tuxedo or Suit Depending on the dress code, both a tuxedo or a stylish suit can make a great impression at prom.

Style Guide: Tuxedo Jacket vs Suit Jacket

Both tuxedo jackets and suit jackets have a similar structure but in terms of satin, button, fabrics, colours and accessories you can see these differences:

  • Satin. Tuxedo has a satin lapel (even with a contrasting colour, usually black), satin buttons, and even an optional satin stripe over the pocket.
  • Buttons. While tuxedos use to have only 1 button, suits are usually 2 buttons but you can also see them with 1 or 3 buttons in single-breasted jackets.
  • Fabrics. Suit fabrics are more versatile including all kinds of wool but also linen and cotton blends. You can find wool tuxedos and velvet tuxedos.
  • Colours. Tuxedos are usually black, blue, or white. But it is not unusual to see red or green shades. For suits, the usual shades are grey and blue but then it is becoming common to see beige shades, especially while wearing linen.
  • Accessories. Suits can be combined with a belt, pocket square, and tie. Tuxedos can be worn with a tuxedo sash (try to avoid belts if possible), bow tie and also pocket square.



Style Guide: Tuxedo Pants vs Suit Pants

Maybe you haven't noticed it, but tuxedo pants have satin stripes on each external side of them. Suit pants don't. That would be the main difference. In addition,  suit pants should be combined with a belt, and tuxedos should be combined with a sash.

Black tuxedo pants are often worn with a blue or white tuxedo jacket. A white tuxedo jacket can be paired with black, red, and white accents for a formal outfit. Mismatched jackets and suits can also be fashionable.

Tuxedo Pants

  • Have satin stripes
  • Combined with a sash

Suit Pants

  • Don't have satin stripes
  • Combined with a belt



Style Guide: Tuxedo Shirts vs Suit Shirts 

You're likely familiar with the look of traditional suit shirts. While finding the right patterned shirt for a suit can be challenging, we'll delve into that topic in another blog post. However, a classic white collared shirt remains a fail-safe choice for any suit. For those seeking a contemporary office style, contemporary office shirts offer excellent options. But Tuxedo shirts are a bit different, these are their main treats:

  • A tuxedo shirt has to be white (only in some cases could black tuxedo shirts be accepted). 
  • Tuxedo shirts usually come with  wingtip collars. This is perfect for displaying your bow tie.
  • Tux shirts always have french cuffs because they have to be worn with cufflinks.
  • They can have pleats (OPTIONAL). Here is an example of a  pleated shirt:

If you have read till here, you now know all the secrets between a tuxedo and a suit. You are ready to see who wears a tuxedo, based on the standard rules and who doesn't and to decide what to choose for your next event.



Style Guide: Tuxedo Shoes vs Suit Shoes

As you can imagine, tuxedos require a more formal pair of shoes than a suit would. To be on the safe side, we recommend taking the traditional path and pairing a tux with the classic tuxedo shoes Black oxfords - the shinier the better. If your aim is to dress down your tuxedo, then a pair of black leather loafers would also be acceptable. Avoid broguing or any other decorative details, and if you can,  go for a wholecut shoe instead of a cap-toe shoe.

Suits, on the other hand, do not require the classic formal oxfords, nevertheless, they must still maintain a business casual style. Keep your options between derby shoes, oxfords, monk shoes or loafers. As for the colour,  keep it between shades of dark brown to black. Brown goes well with navy blue and could be a nicer option if your usual choice is a blue suit. Brogues or wingtip shoes are also welcome for a suit outfit.



How to Combine a Tuxedo

Here is the basic combination of a tuxedo. Boring? Well, yes, but also safe. Black Tuxedo with white handkerchief and white tuxedo shirt with black bowtie and cufflinks. Do you want something different? Try applying different bowties, lapel shapes and even satin color while customizing your tuxedo.

  1. Choose the Right Outfit: Begin by selecting a tuxedo that is properly tailored and complements your body shape.
  2. Shirt Selection: Opt for white mens business dress shirts with a wing-tip collar for a traditional and sophisticated look.
  3. Accessorizing: Select a black bow tie and a white pocket square. Adding a cummerbund or a vest can further elevate your look.
  4. Shoes and Socks: Polished black patent leather shoes and black socks are the classic choice for tuxedos.
  5. Final Touches: Your tuxedo should be neat and wrinkle-free. Also, pay attention to your grooming.

How to Combine a Suit

Take a look at the "How to combine a suit" starting pack. Handkerchief + tie + belt. What about the shirt? No need to be a french cuff shirt, but you also can. Try different combinations while designing your custom suit.

  1. Choose the Right Outfit: Choose a suit that fits you perfectly. The color should be appropriate for the occasion and your body type.
  2. Shirt Selection: Stick to neutral-toned shirts like white or light blue. Patterns like stripes and checks can add depth.
  3. Accessorizing: Pair your suit with a tie that complements the color of your suit. Pocket squares and cufflinks can add personality.
  4. Shoes and Socks: A suit can be paired with leather oxfords, loafers, or brogues. Match your sock color with your suit.
  5. Final Touches: Ensure your suit is well-pressed and your overall grooming is impeccable.

How to combine a Suit vs How to combine a Tuxedo

  Tuxedo Suit
Step 1: Outfit Tailored tuxedo that flatters your body shape. Perfectly-fitting suit, color matching occasion and body type.
Step 2: Shirt White dress shirt with wing-tip collar. Neutral-toned or patterned shirt.
Step 3: Accessories Black bow tie, white pocket square, optional vest. Complementary tie, pocket squares, and cufflinks.
Step 4: Shoes and Socks Polished black patent shoes and black socks. Leather shoes matching suit, sock color aligned with suit.
Step 5: Final Touches Neat, wrinkle-free tuxedo, impeccable grooming. Well-pressed suit, top-notch grooming.


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What is the main difference between a tuxedo and a suit?
The main difference is the presence of satin on tuxedos, including lapels, buttons, and stripes on the pants.

Can I wear a tuxedo to a daytime wedding?
Tuxedos are traditionally evening wear, so a suit is a better choice for daytime weddings.

Is it acceptable to wear a bow tie with a suit?
While you can, it's more common to wear a tie with a suit and a bow tie with a tuxedo.

What type of shoes should I wear with a tuxedo?
Black patent leather oxfords are the traditional choice for a tuxedo.

Can tuxedo jackets be any color?
While black, blue, and white are common, tuxedo jackets can also come in other colors like red or green.

Are pleated shirts mandatory with tuxedos?
Pleats are optional, but tuxedo shirts should always have a wingtip collar and French cuffs.

Is a dinner suit different from a tuxedo?
No, a dinner suit is simply another term for a tuxedo.

What should I wear to a black-tie event?
A black-tie event traditionally requires a tuxedo.

Can I wear a belt with a tuxedo?
It's better to wear a cummerbund or sash with a tuxedo instead of a belt.

What colors are appropriate for suit shirts?
Neutral tones like white, light blue, and subtle patterns such as stripes and checks.