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Textile hub : Surat - VJV Now

In the world, the Indian textile industry ranked as 4th biggest textile industry. It is primarily concerned with the design, production and distribution of yarn, cloth and clothing. The raw material may be natural, or synthetic using products of the chemical industry. Surat, city in India, is the main contributor to Indian textile industry.

Located at the banks of river Tapi, Surat is the hub for textile and diamond market. The proximity to two of the busiest business hubs i.e. Ahmedabad and Mumbai, Surat is preferred by many as the trading ground for textile companies as it gives cheap labor with exemplary results. The textile companies in Surat boast of a systematic chain of wholesalers, retailers, suppliers and manufacturers of the textile products who along with ancillary units yield astounding and robust economic outlook, solely contributed by the leading textile companies. Surat is also great to adapt the changes as per time and new technologies arrive.

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The leading textile companies in Surat deal in the manufacturing of artificial textiles as much as 40% of the artificial fabric of country is manufactured in Surat. The prime players in the textile domain have been quite adaptable to the changes in global as well as domestic sphere which gives the textile companies in Surat an edge over its counterparts.

Surat is also benefiting from its stat government, to promote the textile industry. Infrastructures and availability of raw material and cheap labor allows textile industry of Surat for fastest growth. Environmental and political support leads businesses to be successful.

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