Top 5 stylish bollywood actors to follow on Instagram : 2022

Top 5 stylish bollywood actors to follow on Instagram : 2022 - VJV Now

1. Ranveer singh

Everyone of us have seen this guy wearing unusual outfit but we can put him in the list of the best fashion model of bollywood. Ranveer ordinarily uploads many post in different outfits and u can also find him cheering in Indian traditional indeed. Sometimes he also get trolled for his outfit on Instagram.


2. Shahid kapoor

The main reason to follow this bollywood guy on Instagram is the dashing personality he has. He occasionally shows his style in formal wear or I jacket. His charming look have also stolen the heart of many girls. If you are hair style lover then your interest may match whit his. Shahid is also a big fan of denim colour.


3. Anil kapoor

Looking back in 90’s astor of bollywood, you would find that Anil kapoor is also one of the most stylish person in bollywood. Through fashion he surpasses his age. Also today, he is the fashion ideal for youngsters. His main interest lies in blazers and suits for fashion purpose. If you want to show your style in blazer then VJVNOW provides wide collection of blazer and suit.


4. Ayushman khurana

Ayushman is also a fashion ideal for Indian boys. His hair style, beard and smile gives him a charming look. Showing  your packs is also dream of many boys, you can get idea of shirtless photo from Ayushman’s account. Like Anil kapoor, Ayushman shows his interest in jacket or waist coat.


5. Akshay Kumar

He is also stylish guy who is looking younger than he is through fashion and style. He shares the pictures with his wife. The best thing about Akshay kumar is he is styled by his wife twinkle khanna. He doesn’t have specific preference for fashion though his style can make you surprice. It would be worth to follow this celebrities for fashion.