Trendy Suit Color: Which You Choose?

Trendy Suit Color: Which You Choose? - VJV Now

Welcome to the ultimate guide on suit colors! Whether you're a beginner on the hunt for your first suit or a seasoned professional looking to expand your sartorial horizons, understanding the latest trends in suit colors is crucial. Suits are timeless yet ever-evolving pieces that define elegance and style. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the most fashionable suit colors of the season and help you make the perfect choice to elevate your wardrobe. Join us on this colorful journey and transform into the quintessential gentleman.

Whether you are a beginner looking for your first suit or a daily suited up expert who seeks to expand his suit collection, this guide to best suit colors will be the right for you. Suits are evergreen but fashionable pieces creating the most elegant and stylish looks any man can get. Dive into this colorful world of suits and become a right gentleman with us.

Navy blue suits

Navy blue suits have exploded in popularity in recent years. Nowadays, when talking about blue suits, people generally mean navy blue, as the two categories are perceived as identical. Navy blue suit is an absolute must in your suit collection, so if you only need one special suit in your wardrobe– let it be the navy blue one. All blue shades are also best suit colors for interview.


Black suits

Black suits are listed second on purpose. Black suits are still classy and classic, but the trend has changed and black suits are not to be worn daily to the office or majority of events. Today, black suits are mostly reserved for funerals. If you spot someone wearing a black suit to an event or a wedding, it is likely to be a tuxedo. Black suits have already lived through their best times and are giving way to fresh suit colors.


Charcoal grey suits

All grey suit colors look great and we are huge fans of light grey suits, but charcoal grey color is a new favorite among gentlemen. Its dark tone keeps the elegance level on maximum, shows your fashion know how (if you complement it with the right colored mens dress shoes) and gives you the option for a change from your everyday navy blue outfit. It is a versatile color and so easy to buy in various patterns and styles.

grey wool suit grey tweed houndstooth suit

Burgundy suits

This is the decade and the season to reach for a burgundy suit. The color has slowly been paving its way into our wardrobes, starting with simple turtlenecks and now coming to conquer suits. Nothing screams “fashion expert” as much as wearing a perfectly polished burgundy suit (also called maroon suit) worn with the right accessories. If you want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd of dark suited office men, this is The One.


Green suits

Green suits are not a classical or a typical choice, but you can still find fine gentlemen reaching for them. Green suits look best in subtler shades, sturdy materials and combined with a micro pattern such as checks, stripes, herringbone or houndstooth. These suits absolutely prove that you are fashionable and not afraid to show it. Green color is also easier to combine than you might think, so reach for your brown monks and red tie and the most successful outfit of the night is born.

green suit men   green corduroy suit

Beige suits

Beige suits or tan suits might not be the most popular option, but if you have to wear a suit to work and the rules are not strict, you might get a lot of wear from your beige suit friend. Beige suits are often made of lightweight materials such as cotton, cotton-linen blends, or 100% linen which makes them a popular summer choice. If you have to wear a suit in summer, whether it is to a summer wedding or any other event, consider pulling off a complete beige look to keep you cool and elegant.

Ok, so, what about champagne suits? Well, they look beige, but usually, they are a little bit shinny. So, if you want a bright beige suit, then probably you are searching for a champagne suit.

beige checked suit plain beige suit
Checked Cotton Linen Suit Sand Double Breasted Suit

What about other colors?

You may have realized that we are missing some of them. One of the most popular ones: Chocolate Brown Suit

To sum up some of our favorites, we have created this easily shareable infographic. Feel free to share it around! :)



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What is the most versatile suit color?

Navy blue is considered the most versatile suit color. It suits various occasions, from job interviews to weddings.

Can I wear a black suit to the office?

While black suits are timeless, they are less common in everyday office settings. They are now more reserved for formal events and funerals.

Why is a charcoal grey suit a good investment?

Charcoal grey suits offer a sophisticated alternative to navy blue, are versatile for many occasions, and can be paired with numerous accessories.

Are burgundy suits appropriate for formal events?

Yes, burgundy suits can make a bold statement at formal events, showcasing your fashion-forward approach.

How should I accessorize a green suit?

Pair a green suit with subtle shades, such as brown shoes and a red tie, and choose materials like checks or herringbone for a refined look.

When should I wear a beige suit?

Beige suits are ideal for summer events, thanks to their lightweight materials. They are perfect for weddings, garden parties, and casual office days.

What’s the difference between beige and champagne suits?

Champagne suits have a shinier appearance compared to beige suits. They are perfect if you want a bright, standout look.

Are patterned suits in style?

Yes, patterned suits such as checks and stripes are trendy and add a stylish dimension to your wardrobe.

Is it okay to wear a suit in a non-traditional color to work?

If your workplace has a relaxed dress code, suits in colors like green or beige can be a stylish choice.

What suit color should I wear for a job interview?

Navy blue or charcoal grey suits are excellent choices for job interviews as they exude professionalism and confidence.