Blazer: How to Choose the Right Blazer for Winter

Blazer: How to Choose the Right Blazer for Winter - VJV Now

When the temperatures drop, maintaining your style while staying warm can be a challenge. While sweaters and coats are the go-to winter attire for many, the often-overlooked blazer can provide both style and warmth. In this post, we’ll explore how to choose the right blazer for winter, ensuring you stay chic and comfortable throughout the cold season.

Men's Blazers as Winter Attire 

Just because it’s getting cold out, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style to stay warm. When we think of winter attire, we automatically think of sweaters and coats. It seems blazers may not get the credit they deserve for being able to provide both style and warmth.

blazer with gilet piece

Find the right Winter Blazer Fabric

 The key to a great winter blazer is all about the fabric. Forget the thin linen, cotton and seersucker blazers. It’s all about thick wool and warmth. When your business attire calls for a crisp, sharp button-down shirt, you’ll need to rely on your outerwear to brave the potentially freezing temperatures.

Medium Weight Wool Blazer for Fall Weather

With the start of fall and the weather just beginning to get cold, choose a medium weight wool blazer. There are endless options when it comes to colors and patterns. A light grey blazer is a great way to create a classic look when worn with a white shirt, and a necktie, trousers and nice shoes for men, that are all in black. It’s an outfit that you simply can’t go wrong with. For a subtle dose of flair to your standard grey blazer, add a pocket square in a contrasting red or burgundy.

Other great options for your everyday business wear include, of course, a solid black or navy tweed blazer. The slightest of details can create the biggest of effects. Add a contrasting pocket square, choose brass buttons or go for a shawl lapel to add some personal character to your outfit. 

Make a Fashion Statement with Patterned Blazer

Now, if you want to make more of fashion statement for, perhaps, a date or a night out with friends, choose a patterned blazer that won’t just keep you warm but will also get you in the mood for the festive season. Dare to choose a paisley printed blazer, or a slightly less bold but just as fashionable plaid pattern. You can even opt for a solid colored blazer in an uncommon color choice such as royal blue, burgundy or green for a fun outfit.

winter blazer

A Padded Quilted Lining for your Winter Blazer

As the days get even shorter and the weather turns glacial, you’ll want a thicker blazer to combat the cold. Choose a blazer with a padded quilted lining. It will look like your standard blazer from the outside but inside, it will have the required insulation to keep you warm and comfortable. It’s the perfect option to fight the winter elements without adding any obvious bulk to your attire. Whether you choose a quilted lined blazer in black, navy blue, or grey, it will keep you looking chic and sharp throughout the winter months.

Another option: Add a Padded Vest Piece

Another wonderful winter option is a blazer with a padded vest piece, also referred to as a padded waistcoat or gilet. It’s a fashionable option that contrasts the tailored blazer with a casual padded vest and will protect you from the cold as you walk the city streets. The detachable gilet is a genius garment that allows you to zip your blazer all the way to the top, keeping you comfortable and protected as you’re out and about. Once you’re indoors and perhaps at a more professional engagement or dressed up occasion, you can remove the detachable gilet and appear in a standard blazer, without the casual element.

Underline your personality with a Gilet

The gilet is also an extra garment that you can have fun with and used to add to your style. Mix and match the color of your gilet with the color of your blazer. Attach an army green gilet to your brown tweed blazer for a stylish country look. You can also wear a navy blue blazer with brass buttons, paired with a similarly colored brass or beige gilet to match the buttons. For the serious city look, wear your dark grey or black blazer with an inconspicuous black gilet that will blend right with your outfit.

blazer with padded gilet

Remember that this winter, you don’t have to rely solely on your jumpers, jackets and coats to keep you warm. A blazer is both a fashionable and practical option to wear throughout the cold season.


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1. Can blazers really keep you warm in winter?
Yes, especially if you choose blazers made from thick wool or those with padded quilted linings.

2. What is the best fabric for a winter blazer?
Thick wool is the best fabric for a winter blazer as it provides excellent insulation.

3. Can I wear a blazer with a gilet for business meetings?
Absolutely. A blazer with a detachable gilet can be both professional and warm.

4. Are patterned blazers suitable for formal occasions?
Yes, patterned blazers can add a stylish twist to formal attire, especially during festive seasons.

5. How can I add personality to my blazer outfit?
Consider small details like contrasting pocket squares, brass buttons, or shawl lapels.

6. What colors are best for winter blazers?
Classic colors like black, navy blue, grey, and bold colors like burgundy or royal blue are great choices.

7. Can I wear a medium weight wool blazer in winter?
A medium weight wool blazer is ideal for fall and early winter. For colder months, opt for thicker fabrics or padded linings.

8. How should I style a light grey blazer in winter?
Pair it with a white shirt, black necktie, black trousers, and black shoes. Add a red or burgundy pocket square for a touch of flair.

9. What is a gilet, and why should I consider one?
A gilet is a padded vest that provides extra warmth. It's detachable, offering versatility and added style.

10. How do I choose the right pattern for a blazer?
Select patterns that suit your personality and the occasion. Paisley and plaid are great for making a fashion statement, while subtle patterns can be more formal.